Monday, November 25, 2013

Knitting Project Woes? Let me Helpout!

If you're having trouble with the project you're working on, and need a little help, we'll work through it together.   I will help you to find and fix mistakes, learn the stitch technique, or interpret a pattern or chart that isn't clearly understood.   Offered via Google Helpouts, this one-on-one hangout, or live video call, will begin by you quickly explaining to me what you are making, what questions you have, and where you think a mistake might have been made.   We will then go through that portion of the project to uncover the mistake or area of concern.  Finally, I will demonstrate the correct method to move forward with the project.   If additional assistance or instruction is needed, a more in-depth help out can be scheduled.  The widget below the video will live here on the resource center, just below the +Yarn Mountain logo.
h/t +Christina Blount Presnell